Redefining Sisterhood

Sisterhood Redefined and Reembraced- My story

In this series, I am going to discuss my journey of redefining and reembracing biblical sisterhood and applying it to the 21st century. But first, allow me to tell you my story.


True Life: I’m an ex-Legalist¬†

I thought I was perfect, well in comparison to my peers at my church. Involved in many things in the church: Pathfinders, Ushering, Children's Ministries, Youth Choir, Sabbath School, and the list goes on. Since I was the only kid in my Sabbath School class who actually read the Sabbath School lesson, I would sometimes… Continue reading True Life: I’m an ex-Legalist¬†


Impromptu Ministry

I don't understand why God allows me to run into various types of people lately. Yesterday, when I was pumping gas in Chicago, an individual approached me for a quarter, I tried to act like I didn't hear him and then he walked up towards me. I ended up giving him a quarter from my… Continue reading Impromptu Ministry