Young, Called, Anxious, and Depressed

Perhaps, this mental illness is “the thorn in my flesh” that Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 and even though I ask God to remove it, He is using it to help me raise awareness in the context of ministry.

Redefining Sisterhood

Sisterhood Redefined and Reembraced- My story

In this series, I am going to discuss my journey of redefining and reembracing biblical sisterhood and applying it to the 21st century. But first, allow me to tell you my story.

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Tailor-made: Reflections of a single lady

I find it interesting that God was able to use my dress shopping experiences to help me understand the concept of waiting on the one.

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My Story Continues: Reflections of a 25 yrs old

But the greatest part of my story, it is to be continued.


The hardest goodbye that turned into the greatest motivation and empowerment

  As previously mentioned in my last post, my grandfather passed away after 95 years of life August 20, 2014 and was laid to rest this past Friday, August 29th. It was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time. As mentioned, my "Grampa" was the first in my family to give me… Continue reading The hardest goodbye that turned into the greatest motivation and empowerment


When Jesus Say Yes….

For those who haven't heard this new single by Michelle Williams, please take this time to do so. I remembered my first time listening to this song, I wasn't ready for what was bound to happen. This song is super upbeat and AMAZING!!!!!!! Lately, I found myself reflecting on this song and how it never… Continue reading When Jesus Say Yes….