LIFE UPDATE 12/22/2016

Hey Guys!!!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve last posted. Just know that I am still alive and well. 2016 has been one wild ride of a year. There has been so much going on. Seminary has done a great number to my busy schedule. I have been dealing with many changes such as accepting a pastoral position back in the East Coast and grieving the recent loss of my maternal grandmother. For those who have been following my blog 2 years ago, I was dealing with the loss of my maternal grandfather. Thus, I ended up losing both maternal grandparents within 2 years. It was a painful loss indeed which took a great toll on my academic life and social life. Aside with school and family, I was transitioning back to the East Coast in preparation for the next chapter.

Expect more postings about the lessons that I’ve learned while attending Seminary and the continuation of the series “Journey back to the Heart of Worship.” Continue to keep me lifted as I begin my new journey as a Youth Pastor.

Forever Naturally Adorned,

Nisha ❤

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