Journey Back to the Heart of Worship series

Journey back to the heart of worship- “Here I am to Worship”

One of the most popular songs that are sung in various Christian churches worldwide, whether Southern Baptist, AME, Evangelical, Methodist, SDA, or nondenominational; traditional or non-traditional; baby boomers and millennials, is “Here I am to Worship.” We sing this for small group meetings, vespers, youth church, the list goes on. There is something about that song that brings people from different walks of life together.

I find this song to be a simple song with a powerful meaning. This song is our response to God that we are here to acknowledge Him for what He has done for us. By singing “Here I Am” is the beginning of an amazing encounter with our Creator and our Lover. It is a great way to accept His request to dwell with us and to be one with Him. It is a great way to tell Him that He is about to receive the best that He has given to us.

But what does it look like to respond to God? Does one have to wear their Sabbath/Sunday best? Of course not! God does not care about the outward appearances but the inward appearance, the heart. He just wants you to say to Him, “Here I am to give you the best of me even though it may not seem much.”

I think about Isaiah in the Bible, there’s something powerful about reading him respond to God in one of the most powerful encounters in Isaiah 6:8. Those three words in Isaiah, “Here, I am,” was a beautiful response to an encounter with God, especially after his lips were cleansed. This is exactly how we are to respond to God’s unfailing love and grace. This reminds me of one of my former students, he had a rough day and I told him that if he  would not receive a star for his good behavior chart if he refuses to cooperate with me. He continued to have his slight episode. Upon our dismissal, he told me he deserved a half star. I responded by asking him if he knew what grace meant. He wasn’t sure what I was talking about, so I told him that grace is a favor that we don’t deserve to have. I reminded him of the story of Adam and Eve and how they should have died from eating the forbidden fruit, but God allowed them to live. I told him that I am going to give him grace by allowing him to get a full star on his good behavior chart. After he placed his star on the chart, he immediately hugged me out of gratitude. That is what worship is about, gratitude.

God wants us to say, “Here I am.” He has done so much for us to not acknowledge His omnipresence in our lives.  Are you willing to encounter and acknowledge the presence of God in our lives? Let’s continue to journey back to the heart of worship ❤


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