Confusion vs Complexity

This is a “poem” that I wrote a while ago. This stemmed from a discussion I had with someone about all women being confused. I decided to write how I felt about hearing things like this.


So you think we’re all confused huh?

Because we supposedly don’t know what we want.

So because little miss dixie chick got you baffled,

you decided to make a hasty generalization

by grouping all members of the female gender into one category: confused.

Awwww…how cute.

Making one conclusion from a specific group of girls

who don’t have a clear direction about anything

then making those of us who know what we’re doing,

who know where we’re going in life,

and who know exactly what we want.

Well, to make things a little more simpler,

let me assist you with making at category of the two different groups.

One is confused and the other is complexed.

Now let me let you in on a confused female.

A confused female is one who is complicated.

She is someone who is as shallow as a foot tall wading pool,

she is someone who is willing to give her all to every and anybody.

She is someone who believes in sampling every brand before she finds the right one,

which may cause some slight confusion.

She is someone who give guys the code to her heart

that only one man is supposed to know,

thus risking her heart to be vandalized and contaminated

with the carbon monoxide of their lies and deceptions

polluting her mind, thus causing her to be confused.

She is someone who is convinced that she is the leading lady in a man’s life,

she’s supposed to be special,

only to be the main side chick.

She is the one who unwraps the wrapper

because since the way to a mans heart was through his stomach,

she wants to give brothers a taste of the so-called future they have.

Of course she doesn’t know what she wants

because you expect her to give you what you want.

Now let me tell you about the complexed woman.

The complexed woman is not a complicated woman at all.

The complexed woman is one whose mind is deep.

You see it takes a real man to take the time to undergo the depths of the complexed woman.

Not only does she know what she wants but she knows what she doesn’t want.

What she doesn’t want is a one night stand,

what she doesn’t want is a friend with benefits,

what she doesn’t want is to be with a man who plays games.

You wonder why the complexed woman may seem picky,

or possibly tries to friend zone you.

It’s because she wants to make sure that the one she is with is the one who values her,

not because of her breast, legs and thighs,

that’s why there’s a place called popeyes.

But because of what’s within the outward appearance.

She is valued by her class, grace, faith, and intellect.

She is a beautiful queen.

As a queen, the complexed woman’s desire is for a king,

but she takes her time drawing from the deck

because she doesn’t want to be stuck with a joker or even a counterfeit King that turns about to be a real Jack—

But the root of her complexity is from someone who knows her better than any man could know about her,

He loves her more than even her parents could love her,

Because of him, She is fearfully and wonderfully made.

That Individual’s name is Yahweh.

She looks to him for her strength and safety.

She respects her body because her body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

As Maya Angelou once said,

Because she hides herself deeply in God,

a man has to pursue God before he can pursue her…

Which is why she is complexed, not confused.

Many of you fellas would brand her as confusing

like the rest

but in reality

you all are the ones who are confused at the end of the day.

– Sincerely, Miss Complexity

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