The meaning behind “Little Girl, Arise” blog- My Testimony (Father’s day special)

In light of Father’s Day, I would like to share with you guys one of the most powerful sermons I’ve preached so far. My daddy played an important role in my life. There were times when I would slam the door and roll my eyes because I felt as though my dad gave me grief about any and everything. Little did I know, he was looking out for me. One day, I was about 12 when I was hanging with the wrong crowd, I was at a youth week of prayer service. I heard a voice clear as day telling me “Get up and go to your father, the people you are sitting with have no interest in you, they will only bring you down.” So I thought about it and got up and sat with my dad. I felt liberated afterwards. My father warned me about my so-called friends, but I refused to listen to him. I know he has been praying for me. This sermon was based on what happened to me in 2009, when I dealt with depression and anxiety attacks. My dad reached out to me and helped me recover.

It saddens me when I hear about my friends talking about the absence of their fathers in their lives. How does a “man” manage to not want anything to do with their children??? I can’t imagine what many go through. My father makes sure that all three of us are taken care of. He was always there for me. He has been one of my biggest supporters in ministry. For those who are not a female pastor, you will never know how much it means to have a father who supports your calling 1000%. I’m grateful to have an amazing father like my daddy who shows me how to love and to be loved. He is an amazing husband to my mommy and treats her like a queen. I am thankful to be raised by a king and not a joker.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the fathers, step-fathers, and other father figures!

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