The hardest goodbye that turned into the greatest motivation and empowerment



As previously mentioned in my last post, my grandfather passed away after 95 years of life August 20, 2014 and was laid to rest this past Friday, August 29th. It was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time. As mentioned, my “Grampa” was the first in my family to give me a blessing to choose the career of full time ministry. Sitting down listening to his life sketch at his funeral allowed me to realized why I have a love to ministry as well as writing. My grandfather was a lay evangelist and had a strong passion for discipleship growing up. Everything I talk to my Grampa about, he would change it into a sermon. My grandfather was deep into the Word of God. I remember earlier when I would find Grampa in his room with a fully marked Bible and his 10th journal he would write in. If I had any questions concerning the Bible and Christian doctrines, Grampa was the one I can go to with a thorough commentary and explanation. He was a big help in my Bible homework for school. One day, I was super curious about what he was writing in those journals. I eventually read through one of his journals and notice that he also writes poetry.

The two most priceless experiences I had with Grampa was when I was 15, I was in his living room having a conversation with a friend which eventually led into an impromtu Bible study to see my Grampa witness me give a Bible study at a tender age of 15 and AGREEING with nearly everything I said was a humbling experience. I would never forget him sitting down and smiling and nodding his head at me and helping me getting my point across. After I got off the phone, I had a conversation that gave me motivation and empowerment from my Grampa that would kick start the beginning of my acceptance to the call in pastoral ministry. The second experience was when I recently graduated from Oakwood University with a B.A. in Theology. By now, Grampa was bedridden yet alert. I went up to his bedside and said “Grampa, you know I graduated from Oakwood!” He asked, “What is your degree in?” Then, I told him that it was in Theology and his reaction was extremely indescribable, he gave me the biggest smile on his face, even bigger than that night of the impromtu Bible Study, and stuck out his hand for a handshake. I told him that it was because of him that I have answered my calling. He said to me, “If God has called you, let NO man tell you ‘No.'”

I am blessed to know that Grampa was my only grandfather that was able to see (or hear) me graduate from high school and college. I am thankful that I was able to talk with him about my heritage on his side of the family and to see picture of his side of the family. I am glad to know that he was able to tell me about his experience as a Pathfinder (SDA coed boys and girls scout organization) leader and insights. I’m blessed to have the great memories still in my head, but I’m sad because my husband and kids [in the future] would not be able to get to know an amazing man of God. I’m sad because the next time I come down to Tennessee he would not be at his desk doing his favorite past time of writing. I’m sad because he won’t be able to see me graduate with my Masters degree in Divinity from Seminary nor hear about my first pastoral assignment or even my possible ordination as an elder or even a pastor. 

Although I wasn’t there for my family’s last Sabbath worship with him, I was able to hear a recording of his last words to the family. The part that is sharp on my mind is when he asked “Will you all be fully ready?” He wanted his family to be ready for Jesus’ Second Coming. He had a mission on earth and that was to make sure that our family makes it into the Kingdom of Heaven. I realized that if I ever needed to be ready, it’s now. I’m tired of hearing bad news from the world everyday and seeing people dying and leaving our churches. I want to make it to Heaven and be with my God and Savior.

It was hard to say goodbye to someone who has impacted my life for the greater, but the farewell became a flame ignition for me to finish the work of the gospel by means of Children’s Ministry and writing. I will work harder in my ministry like never before because I know that Grampa would want me to remain faithful to my calling. I am reminded that I must live for God and seek Him daily. My position as a future children’s pastor will start a revolution like never before. The sleeping giant has awaken. I will serve the Lord while I’m waiting to see Him face to face. I will press on, I will continue the work of Campbell Nasson Fleming as a pastor and drawing children and families to Christ and help usher in the end of Earth’s history. I will forever stand on the promises of God like never before. It’s time for us to be fully ready. 


Rest in Christ, Grampa. I’ll see you in the morning for worship.

Forever Naturally Adorned and Waiting,

Nisha ❤



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