When Jesus Say Yes….

For those who haven’t heard this new single by Michelle Williams, please take this time to do so. I remembered my first time listening to this song, I wasn’t ready for what was bound to happen. This song is super upbeat and AMAZING!!!!!!! Lately, I found myself reflecting on this song and how it never ceases to make me smile. I am the poster kid to this song!

Growing up, I dealt with so much rejection issues. (I will discuss later in the next blog) I remembered when I had a desire to do many things but door after door was slammed shut in my face. I felt like I was never given a chance at life. My parents were one of the only people that gave me a chance. I have lost 7 elections from middle school to high school. I wasn’t sure what to do since I felt like a failure. I remembered when being a minister was up in the air, the amount of people that would give me reasons to not be a minister. I remembered myself asking God what He wanted me to do as a career, as a ministry. I remembered God giving me hint after hint, but I didn’t want to be a pastor simply because I was scared of the role and responsibility of being one. Being a pastor meant that I have a high standard to obtain. Eventually, I had no other choice but to answer the call to full-time ministry. Many people have told me not to for various reasons:

1. Pastors don’t get paid much. Of course I got this reason every time I brought up being a pastor as a career.

2. If I became one, then I would have to become “boring.” I couldn’t enjoy the foods and hobbies I like to do because I have to focus on being fully available for God. *Just know that was one of the thoughts I had*

3. The thought of having to preach every Sabbath with the thought of me being tired. I know, pretty silly.

4. My most favorite one, Women can’t be pastors. I don’t want to go into detail because this post is not about me defending my calling plus I don’t believe in throwing pity parties about how I’ve been mistreated and slandered by those who are anti-women in ministry. Believe it or not, there are some women that don’t believe in female pastors. 4 out of the 6 oppositions I received directly were from the sisters.

Another story that I want to say in relation to me being a poster kid to this song is because prior to attending Andrews for Seminary. After I graduated from Oakwood University (OU!!!!!!) in 2012, I decided to take the year off from school so I could “reset”. I ended up with a good paying job, especially being able to work with my dad, the whole nine yards. I knew that I was going to get my Masters in Divinity next year. All of a sudden in the month of May, I was told that I was going to have to resign earlier than I planned. Mind you, I didn’t have my acceptance letter from the Seminary yet and I was planning on resigning after I received the acceptance letter. It was hard for me to resign especially since I didn’t receive my tangible “confirmation”. My parents didn’t make it any easier for me to deal with since they weren’t sure why I didn’t get accepted into grad school. However, I was willing to make that 14 hour drive to Michigan with or without that acceptance letter. I was going to make it happen even if my parents were not down with the big move. I even had a couple members from my church giving me grief about me not being accepted and how I should have gotten the letter months ago. I believed in all of my inner being that God has called me to pursue my MDiv. I asked God before graduating from Oakwood if it was His will and He said, “Yes, Darnisha. I want you to go to Andrews to further your studies. I have something better for you up there.” Therefore, while everybody was not sure about me getting into Seminary, I was 2000% sure that I was going to get into Seminary, by any means necessary. I ended up resigning from my job at the end of May, with no acceptance letter. I reminded God that I still trust Him and that He will be glorified regardless of the outcome. Then on my mother’s birthday, June 3rd, 2013, on a Monday morning, the phone rang from Andrews, and I was told that my application was ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!! I was overjoyed! God is faithful!!!!

God told me that I was called to ministry and that He was going to use me for His kingdom. I had to shed off some “dead weight” and leave my comfort zone, but God showed up and showed out in my life ever since I received that confirmation. God has and is continuing to order my steps. I went from losing elections for certain class officer positions to being both VP of Operations for the Women’s Clergy Network of Andrews University, and Executive Secretary of the Black Student Association of the Seminary. Plus, I am currently a Children’s Ministry Leader at a church in Indiana. Talk about overwhelming!!!

Therefore, I know there is somebody reading this that is dealing with a similar situation. Perhaps you are not sure if you’re going to be accepted into a certain program, or even getting that “dream job” that you’ve been waiting on. Maybe you are dealing with waiting for that special someone or even starting that family you’ve been dreaming about for the longest. Maybe you are waiting for that graduation application to be approved for you to march with your cap and gown. If you ask God and if He says “Yes”, then that settles it! He may not answer it immediately, but it’s bound to happen. Let no “non-factor” tell you otherwise. God has blessed us with this crazy faith that no man can fathom, let’s put it to good use.

When Jesus say “Yes!”….NObody and I mean NOBODY can say “No!”

Forever Naturally Adorned,

Nisha ❤

Now it’s your turn, talk about a time when Jesus said “Yes” when others said no….comment below

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